About Benedict XVI Institute

In an obsessively driven America focused on the utilitarian, the busy, the productive, the special mission of the Benedict XVI Institute is to open the door of Beauty to God to as many who choose to get close to Him by that door.

We do this through two great strategies: providing practical resources for more beautiful sacred music and liturgy in parishes and by energizing a Catholic culture of the arts by connecting artists, audiences, and patrons of the arts.

San Francisco is our home, under the leadership of Archbishop Cordileone. What we learn in the practice of serving the fabulous metropolitan Bay Area, we seek to offer to the whole people of God, throughout America and beyond.

“This is still the commitment that I ask of you today: to help… ministers, cantors, artists, musicians, to cooperate so that the liturgy may be the ‘font and the summit of the vitality of the Church.”   -Pope Francis

In each generation for centuries the Catholic imagination has produced great paintings, music, poetry, plays, sculpture, films. Our tradition is both enduring and continuing: not a dead end, but part of a living tree, with deep roots, and new flowers.

Catholic Arts Today is the center of a new community of artists and art-lovers, inspiring the next generation of Catholic creatives to aspire to new heights of excellence in the arts.


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